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While there are many factors that may contribute to medical negligence, our experienced firm can handle everything from physician and hospital errors to birth injuries, medication mistakes, and failure to diagnose.


In order to prove negligence, our team will show that the defendant owed a duty of care to the patient and violated the applicable standard of care, as well as that the patient suffered damage caused by incompetent care by the defendant.


Because the state of Virginia places a limit on the amount of monetary damages a victim can recover (including economic, noneconomic, and punitive), it is important to seek professional assistance in all matters relating to medical malpractice. Get an appointment today with our simple, flexible hours.

- Pre-birth medical condition misdiagnosis

- Inadequate planning for complications

- Cesarean section delay

- Failure to recognize fetal distress

- Error in medication administration

- Misuse of medical devices (forceps, vacuum extractors, etc.)

- Failure to detect/treat bleeding

- Genetic testing misinterpretation


Birth injuries can also be directly caused by the doctor or hospital, like fractures, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries, wrongful birth, and wrongful pregnancy.

Birth injury claims

- Surgical negligence

- Medication mistakes

- Birth trauma

- Delayed treatment/misdiagnosis

- Anesthesia errors


Doctor and hospital malpractice claims

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- Failure to obtain informed consent

- Insufficient staffing

- Laboratory mistakes

- Medication/medical device errors

- Lack of proper

Medical malpractice negligence also applies to other hospital employees, including nurses, medical technicians, and other staff members, as long as the employee was performing their duties during the time of negligence.


The most common of medical malpractice claims, misdiagnosis, is most prevalent because it can be caused by a wide variety of failures:

- Acknowledgement of complaint

- Thorough medical exam

- Laboratory result interpretation

- Specialist referral

- Diagnostic test order

- Timely follow-up care

- Different diagnosis accuracy

- Condition severity assessment

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