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Did someone else's negligence cause your accident?

Get properly compensated for a slip and fall injury by obtaining representation from W. Ware Morrison Law Group.  You may be entitled to damages if a property owner has failed to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. Trust the team with more than 40 years of experience to get you that compensation.

- Wet floors

- Hazardous stairways

- Poor drainage

- Dim lighting

- Cracked sidewalks/pavement

Common types of accidents include

The most important factor in a premises liability case is establishing fault. If a property owner has failed to provide a safe environment, you may have a case. Aspects contributing to negligence include length of time hazard existed, inspection/cleaning/repair of premises by owner, and if a warning could have prevented the accident. You may also be at fault if the accident is due to your own carelessness due to distraction or ignorance. Turn to the team that knows the most about these factors!

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- Missing railings

- Spilled substances

- Snow or ice

- Potholes or ditches

- Raised carpeting/floorboards

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