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If you are seeking damages pertaining to the wrongful death of a loved one, let our experienced attorney assist you with your claim. We can help you obtain compensation if you are a relative of the deceased, but only their personal representative can file on behalf of potential beneficiaries. Learn more by calling us today.

- Mental anguish, including companionship, comfort, guidance, etc.

- Compensation for loss of income, protection, and care

- Expenses for care or treatment prior to death

- Punitive damages

Recoverable damages

Don't wait too long to file your wrongful death suit or you may forfeit your right to compensation. You only have 2 years from a loved one's date of death to file, so contact our qualified personal injury firm as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Make sure you file promptly

Choose the team with over 40 years' experience. Get a FREE consultation today.

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Death of a loved one - hold the negligent parties responsible

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